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Salient Features of the Department

The Department has state-of-the-art well-equipped laboratories for Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Research.

The department is one of the beneficiary departments under UGC-CPE Scheme.

Well Qualified Faculty members A platform for the overall development of students through Physics Society


Adequate Laboratory Space (Carpet 8515 Sq.ft)

  • Four Spacious Well Equipped Laboratories
  • One darkroom for OPTICS experiments
  • Audio-Visual Seminar Room
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Research Laboratory
  • Sophisticated Instruments Laboratory Developed Under UGC - CPE Grants
  • Common Staff Room

Major Equipment

  • Agilent IMPEDANCE ANALYZER 4294A (worth Rs 15 Lacs)
  • Bruker Alpha FTIR (worth Rs 9 Lacs)
  • Shimadzu Spectroflurophotometer RF 5301PC (worth Rs 10 Lacs)
  • Shimadzu UV VIS Spectrophotometer UV-1800 (worth Rs 6 Lacs)
  • Electrochemical Analyzer (worth Rs 5 Lacs)
  • MAPLE Computing Laboratory (worth Rs 10 Lacs)
  • Furnaces with PID Temperature Controllers for material Preparation

Minor Equipments list

General Laboratory Equipments: LCR Bridge , Dielectric Constant Apparatus, Magnetic Hystersis Loop Apparatus, Four Probe set-up, Guoy’s Susceptibility measurement Unit, e/m Thomson’s Tube, Stefan’s Constant Apparatus, Optical Fibre Kit, Millikan’s oil drop method, R.F. Generators, LCR meter, LASER Kit, Circular Furnace (500 oC), Hystersis curve Unit, Michelson Interferometer, Over Head Projector, LCD Projector, Microprocessor kit, He- Ne LASER Source, Hall Effect Apparatus, Platinum Resistance Thermometer, PC Compatible Multimeters, Expt. Boards: Transistor CB and CE Mode, Zener Diode, CE Amplifier, Phase-shift Oscillator, Impedance study kit etc.

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