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The main objective of this peer reviewed National Journal of Innovation in Science is to encourage the academicians and researchers those who are actively engaged in research specially in Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Mathem atics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Proteomics & Genomics, Plant and Animal Physiology, Nutrition, Fermentation Technology, Agri-Biotechnology, Pharmacology, Photochemistry, Enzymology, Cell and Tissue Culture, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacy Practice, Medicinal Chemistry Immunology, Pathology, Neurobiology, Bio-Physics, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Bio-Chemistry, Applied biology, Hydrology, Food Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Bioinformatics, Environmental Sciences, Agriculture, Ornithology, limnology, Archeology, Agriculture based Remote Sensing alliedbranches of clinical research in Medical and Pharmaceutical field, Library science, ICT literature etc. The Journal would publish original articles, review articles. All articles published in Journal of Innovation in Sciences are evaluated by the experts however, the Editors and P ublisher are not always in agreement with the opinions views expressed by the contributors/au thors in their articles and take no responsibility for inaccurate and misleading data.

Frequency of Journal is Binnually Two Issues (Six Monthly) i.e December and June of Each Year.


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Statement about ownership and other particulars about the journal of Innovation in Sciences.

1. Place of Publication SSES Science College, Congress Nagar, Nag 440012 (M.S.) India.
2. Periodicity of Publication Bi-annual
3. Printers Name Nationality Address Srushti Graphics Indian Laxmi Bhuvan Square, Dharampeth, Nagpur.
4. Graphics Ravi Andhare
5. Publishers Name Nationality Address Principal, SSES Science College, Congress Nagar, Nagpur, 440012, (M.S.) India. Indian.
SSES Science College, Congress Nagar,Nag 440012 (M.S.) India.
6. Editors Name Nationality Addrdss Dr. Devendra Kashinath Burghate Indian
Plot No. 351, Block No. 501, ‘Maharshi Maikripa’ Apartment, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur- 440011 (M.S.), India.

I Devendra K. Burghate hereby declare that, Particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Journal of Innovation in Science

Biannual peer reviewed e-journal ISSN - 2394-8051 (Online).

(http:/www.sscnagpur.edu.in) - 2394-8043 (Print).

Executive editor - Dr. A.D.Bobdey (9423654278) Dr. Mrs.P.S.Tiwari.(9764007031)

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