JIS - December 2015 Issue

Journal of Innovation In Sciences

1 Mortality of Tasar Silkworm, Antheraea mylitta D. Caused by Insect Predators B. S. Rahile   View Paper
2 A Study of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Balsamudra Lake of Pauni, Dist. Bhandara, Maharashtra U.G. Meshram, A.A. Dhamani and R.B. Dahare   View Paper
3 Physico-Chemical Properties of Soya waste and its E ffects on the Growth and Yield of Chilli Plants (Capsicum Annum) P.B. Thakarer, W.K. Pokale, P.V. Tekade and A.W.Pokale   View Paper
4 Natural Wealth Conservation and its Use for Sustainable Development of Rural People L. S. Konde   View Paper
5 Survey of Poisonous Plants of Gondia District ofMaharashtra, India B. K. Mendhe, A. K. Aney, M. P. Nandeshwar   View Paper
6 Control of Household Pest Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis invictaBuren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Using Herbal Ex tracts S. G. Kadu and S. S.Kulat   View Paper
7 Recent R and D Trends for CO2 Capture from Flue Gas of Thermal Power Station N. G. Gode, S. N. Sonttake and G. P. Juare   View Paper
8 Treatmeant of Waste Water from Environmentally Benign Technology Reshal Deshmukh   View Paper
9 Assesement of Environmental Impact of Wainganga River Water Near Kardha Villege N. P. Meshram   View Paper
10 Studies on Pollution Indicators Species and Water Quality Status of Sakkardara Lake, Nagpur (M.S.) B. S. Tapase, J. L. Tarar and U. S. Ramteke   View Paper
11 Synthesis and Characteriza tion of Novel Orange-emitting Iridium(III) Complex with iphenylquinoline Ligands Containing Amino Substituent H. K. Dahule, S. J. Dhoble   View Paper
12 Bi o di v e r s i t y C o n s e r v a t io n Ja yas h r ee T ir pu d e   View Paper
13 Melittopalynological Studies on Apis dorsataHoney Samples Collected During Summer Season in Bhiwapur Tahsil of Nagpur District, Maharashtra State D. M. Mate   View Paper
14 Removal of Colour Component from Waste Water by theAdsorbent Prepared from Waste Material P. P. Chahande and M. P. Patil   View Paper
15 Role of Green Vegetables and Fruits in Human Li fe Laddha C. S.   View Paper
16 Monthly variations in physico-chemical characteristics of Bhiwapur Lake dist. Nagpur (M.S) India P. P. Ingale, A. D. Bobdey, A. N. Lonkar   View Paper
17 Spider Diversity Visvesvaraya National Institute OfTechnology Campus, Nagpur S. C. Masram, P. C. Sonarghare, K. P. Khaparde , C. P. Sahare and U. R.Sonparote   View Paper
18 Impact of Human Action on Rapid Eutrophication of Kolasur Lake of Pauni, District- Bhandara (M.S.) S. I. Ghugal and A. K. Aney   View Paper
19 A Critical Study of Causes and Solutions of Biodiversity Crisis D. K. Burghate, S.S. Darokar, P.D. Burghate   View Paper
20 Prevalance of Metallo-Beta–Lactamase Producing Gram Negative Bacteria in Patients of Intensive Care Units of Tertiary Care Hospitals and Its Sensitivity to Carbapenem Antibiotics. Anjali Anil Sharma & Ashok Gomashe.   View Paper
21 Gluconic Acid Production By Aspergillus nigerFrom Banana Must. Anjali Anil Sharma, Dr. Ashok Gomashe, Harsha Bawane.   View Paper

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