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Welcome to Physics Department

The Department of Physics was established a way-back in the year 1960. It is the second large department in college with 08 sanctioned teachers. However, presently only 03 faculty members along with the support of 04 Ad-hoc Teachers and 14 Contributory Teachers, are catering the students of Under Graduate (B.Sc. Programme -Semester Pattern) and Post Graduate (M.Sc. Physics – Semester Pattern). In the year 2011-12 the college commenced M.Sc. Physics course while in the year 2014-15 the department was recognized as Research Center to register research students leading to Ph.D. degree affiliated to RTM Nagpur University. The department is running UGC Sponsored (worth Rs 10 Lacs) add-on course under title Career Oriented Course - Mathematical Modeling Using Maple. In the year 2008-09 University Grants Commission, New Delhi bestowed the department with the Innovative Programme (worth Rs 50 Lacs) – Post Graduate Diploma in Nano-Science and Nano Technology which inducts students having completed post-graduation in Physical Science or graduation in Engineering. In the year 2004 the department was identified as a beneficiary department under the University Grants Commission’s most coveted programme College with Potential for Excellence (worth Rs 60 Lacs). The faculty members are active in research and it is recognized by UGC in the form that TWO Major Research Projects and THREE Minor Research Projects (worth Rs 25 Lacs) have been awarded to them and are successfully completed.

The department has a state-of-the-art laboratory developed for under graduate, post graduate programme. Sophisticated laboratory developed with the financial aid provided by University Grants Commission, New Delhi under various schemes viz; (i) College with Potential for Excellence, (ii) INNOVATIVE PROGRAMME, (iii) Career Oriented Course and (iv) Major/Minor Research Projects. These programmes academically enriched the department while major sophisticated facilities developed include;

  • Agilent IMPEDENCE ANALYZER 4294A (worth Rs 15 Lacs)
  • Bruker Alpha FTIR (worth Rs 9 Lacs)
  • Shimadzu Spectroflurophotometer RF 5301PC (worth Rs 10 Lacs)
  • Shimadzu UV VIS Spectrophotometer UV-1800 (worth Rs 6 Lacs)
  • Electrochemical Analyzer (worth Rs 5 Lacs)
  • MAPLE Computing Laboratory (worth Rs 6 Lacs).

List of Faculty members who contributed to the growth of the department since its inception

  • Prof. P.N. Chandurkar
  • Prof.R.G.Kale
  • Prof. Gupta
  • Prof Eknath Nikhade
  • Prof. M.T. Dharmadhikari
  • Prof.P.D. Vairagade
  • Prof.T.C. Wankhede
  • Prof.S.W.Gawande
  • Prof.D.R.Bahekar
  • Prof.T.J.Telrandhe
  • Dr. Wakode (78-82) (Recently working as principal,Engineering College, Amravati)
  • Dr.J.M.Khobragade(87-2009) (Recently Director,Govt.Institute of Science,Gadchirili)
  • Prof.D.W.Khade (87-2011) ( Recently working as advocate in Nagpur High Court)
  • Prof.Mrs.Anita Wankhede ( 95-2007) (Recently working as Director,At Wankhede Academi)
  • Dr.S.B.Kondawar( 2004-2009) (recently Associate Prof At. Dept, of Phy.R.T.M.N.U.)
  • Prof Miss Anju Pakhale ( 2004-2009) (recently Associate Prof At. Dept, of Phy.R.T.M.N.U.)

List of Head, Dept. Of Physics who contributed to the growth of the department since its inception

  • Prof. P.N. Chandurkar
  • Prof.R.G.Kale
  • Prof. M.T. Dharmadhikari
  • Dr.J.M.Khobragade (1999-209)
  • Prof.D.W.Khade (2009-2011)
  • Dr.H.K.Dahule ( 01/08/2011 to 30/06/2014)
  • Dr.V.B.Bhatkar ( 01/07/2014 to 13/08/2014)
  • Dr.H.K.Dahule (15-7-14 to 20/01/2018)
  • Dr S W Anwane (25/01/2018 to till date)

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