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Department of Chemistry came into existence in 1960 at Dhanwate National College, Nagpur and later on shifted to existing building in 1967. It started functioning under the leadership of former HEAD of Chemistry Department Dr. C. R. Vekhande. Due to excellent results, infrastructure and well equipped laboratories our college has been accredited with five star grades by NAAC. The UGC has identified this department under CPE scheme for vertical growth. The department has established links with several NGOs and National and International organizations. The department of chemistry has received grant under COSIP in 1984 for glass blowing unit.

Under the CPE grants the department has procured sophisticated instruments for UG and PG. The RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur has recognized this department as a centre for higher learning and research in 2012. Currently, the department also has a five research guides and has produced four Ph. D. students. The department has certificate course in environmental analysis under COC program since 2006. The department is running skilled based certificate course on environmental and water management of 6 weeks duration since 2019.

Staff members are actively involved in teaching, learning, research and have showed major share in publications. They have authored books on curriculum of B.Sc. RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur. The department has state of the art well equipped laboratories along with qualified, experienced and dedicated faculties to impart quality teaching to students. Department provides an encouraging environment to develop the intellectual capacity, critical thinking and creativity.


  • M.Sc. with a specialization in Organic Chemistry
  • PhD Programme
  • Glass Blowing Unit
  • Departmental Library.
  • Well equipped UG and PG laboratories.
  • Completed one major and five minor completed research projects.
  • Skill Base Course on environmental and Water Management.
  • Independent UG and PG laboratories.
  • One instrumentation and one Organic Chemistry laboratory.
  • Curriculum that stimulates learning and research.

Programme Offered

Sr.No Programe Name Degree/ Certificate Aided/ Unaided
1 B.Sc Chemistry
Chemistry, Physics, Maths
Chemistry, Zoology, Microbiology
Chemistry, Botany, Geology
Chemistry, Physics,Geology Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics Chemistry, Botny, Zoology
Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology
Chemistry, Geology, Maths
Chemistry, Microbiology,Biotechnology
Degree Aided
2 Certificate Course- Environmental Analysis and Water Management Certificate Unaided
3 P.G. COURSE M. Sc.
Specialization-Organic Chemistry
Degree Unaided
4 PhD in Chemistry Degree  


Sr.No Faculty Name Designation Qualification Subject ExpertiseCV
1 Dr. R.U.Khope Professor & Head M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D Physical Chemistry Click Here         
2 Dr. P.S.Utale Professor M.Sc, Ph.D Organic Chemistry Click Here
3 Dr. Y.K.Meshram
M.Sc, Ph.D,SET
Organic Chemistry
Click Here
4 Dr. J.K.Gunjate
Organic Chemistry
Click Here
5 Dr. R.A.Deshmukh
M.Sc, Ph.D,B.Ed
Organic Chemistry
Click Here
6 Dr. R.D.Urkude
Professor M.Sc, Ph.D
Inorganic Chemistry
Click Here
7 Dr. P.N.Deshmukh Assistant Professor M.Sc, Ph.D Organic Chemistry Click Here
8 Dr. V.R.Kinhikar Assistant Professor
M.Sc, Ph.D Organic Chemistry Click Here
 9 Dr. S.S.Dhote Assistant Professor M.Sc, Ph.D

Organic Chemistry

Click Here


Sr.NoFaculty NameDesignationQualificationSubject Expertise
1 Dr. S.J.Kene Assistant Professor M.Sc, Ph.D Analytical Chemistry


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Shri Rajendra S. Murte
Lab. Attendant
2 Shri Bhargav C. Mangate
Lab. Attendant
3 Shri Ashok S. Bhoyar
Lab. Attendant
4 Shri Satish M. Mokadam
Lab. Attendant
5 Shri Sanjay P. Hedau Lab. Attendant


Sr. No.NameDesignation
1 Shri Rishabh H. Gujar   Lab. Attendant
2 Shri Moreshwar M. Dandekar  Lab. Attendant
3 Shri Tarang V. Madane Lab. Attendant



Category Title of seminar/ Conference/ Training/ Visit Local/ State/ National /International Location/ date Duration List and Designation of Speakers/ Coordinator Sponsoring Agency
Guest Lecture Opportuniy in Chemistry Local 24 Dec. 2016 1 Day Dr. Balsubramaniyam Dept. of Chemistry
Guest Lecture Lecture Series Local 19 Marth 2017 1 Day Guest Speaker Prof. V.S. Jamode Dept. of Chemistry
Guest Lecture How to maintain health without medicine Local 18 Feb 2019 1 Day Guest Speaker Dr.Jayashri Dhamale Dept. of Chemistry
Visit Industrial visit Local Bajargaon 23 Aug 2019 2 Day Co-ordinator Dr. R. U. Khope Dept. of Chemistry
Guest Lecture Human Health Risk Assessment of Chemical Local 28 March 2019 1 Day Guest Speaker Dr. Sunil Kulkarni Dept. of Chemistry
Visit Forensic Science laboratory Local Rahate Colony, Nagpur. 07 Feb 2019 1 Day Coordinator Dr.R.A.Deshmukh Dr.Y.K.Meshram Dept. of Chemistry
Science article writing Competition OZOWRITE Local 16 Sep 2019 1 Day Coordinator Dr.R.D.Urkude Dept. of Chemistry
Workshop Tie and dye Local 29 Jan 2018 1 Day Coordinator Dr.Y.K Meshram Dept. of Chemistry


Sr.No. Name Of The Student Class Year Academic Achievements Awards
1 Ankita Dande M.Sc 2018 College level Gold Medal RTMNU 3 rd Rank
2 Ashivini Borkar M.Sc 2018   RTMNU 6 th Rank
3 Neha P. Burde M.Sc 2018   RTMNU 7 th Rank
4 Anushree Bhoyar M.Sc 2018 College level Gold Medal  
5 Kikhat F. Faroque B.SC. 2018 College level 1Gold Medal and 2 Silver Medal  


Name Designation Place
Dr.A.V.Gomashe Registrar RTMNU,Nagpur
Mr.Arun Dongare Assistant Commissioner Nagpur
Dr.Sunil P.Kulkarni Scientist Canada
Dr.Mrs.Samiksha Raut Scientist New York
Dr. J.D Eche. Associate Professor VNIT,Nagpur
Mr.Garave Director Anakon.Lab,Nagpur
Dr.Hema Gedam Associate Professor LAD, Nagapur
Dr.P.D Burghate Associate Professor Shri Shivaji Science College,Nagpur
Mr.Laxmikant Rewatkar Assistant Director Forensic Lab
Dr.C.J.Chandekar Associate Professor Shri Shivaji Science College,Nagpur
Dr.D.W.Deshkar Associate Professor Shri Shivaji Science College,Nagpur
Dr.(Mrs.)N.S.Dhoble Associate Professor Sevadal Mahila
Dr.(Mrs.)D.M.Borikar Associate Professor Dr.Ambedkar College
Dr.P.N.Tatode Associate Professor N.A. College, Umerer.
Ms. Kavita Mudliyar Associate Professor Ramdeobaba Engineering
Dr.H.W.Khandare Associate Professor Department of Geology
Dr.(Mrs.)R.D.Urkude Associate Professor Shri Shivaji Science College,Nagpur
Dr.A.M.Pophare Prof. Dept. of Geology RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur
Dr.P.R.Likhare Scientist G. IICT, Hydrabad
Dr.J.B.Bhagat Deputy Director ONGC
S.B.Pise Pilot India Air Force
Dr.R.N.Chuhan Sr.Geologist GSI Nagpur
Rekha Gajbhiye Geologist GSD Wardha
Jaya Shende Sr.Geologist GSI Nagpur
Dr.R.N.Jugade Professor Department of Chemistry RTMNU, Nagpur
Dr. Vaishali Meshram Assistant Professor Dharampeth Science college

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