Shivaji Science College has a Language Department which teaches English as a compulsory language and Supplementary English, Hindi and Marathi as second or optional language. The department is supported by a Language Laboratory which consists of 12 computers and a software installed in it. The software includes communicative skills and business writing. This software encourages the students to improve their spoken English and build up the desired confidence.

The computer systems are equipped with headphones through which the students can have an audio experience of the spoken English. The software is designed in such a way that students, through headphones can listen and practice individually, without any interferences and disturbances.

The software has grammar, word pronunciation, paragraphs and new words to elevate the student’s understanding and communicative skills. In the software of Business Writing, the students are taught letter writing pertaining to business and official matters. It also teaches them the technique of precise, clear and distinct writing.

Besides the software, the teachers also help the students in the Language Laboratory to achieve the desired goals of competency in languages through various methods of enhancing communicative and writing skills.

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